With the covid-19 pandemic and the sanitary restrictions in force, 20 animators and designers worked together to make this animation. Each frame of this collaborative project was created by a different person with a particular style and technique.​​​​​​​ A little tribute to bikes and the outdoors.
Directed by Pablo Cuello / Illustrators: Belo Qu, Bruno Persico, Faka Facundo, Eze Matteo, Emilia Calvo, Jeronimo Fernandez, Germán Di Ciccio, Leo Franchi, Martiniano García Cornejo, Martín Ayerbe, Nahuel Rollan, Nico Piccirilli, Pablo Cuello, Pato Passarelli, Pablo Kondratas, Pagliaruolo, Matías Petroli, Manu Correa Soto, Victoria Kociman, Wanda Arca / Sound design: Facundo Capece

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